Feb 16

SHS Consultants hired as Development Consultant

No matter how much we talk and dream about it, we realized last year our community would not get built without professional help. We are the developer and we have a vision of what we’d like our community to be, but we need someone to guide and support us from A to Z.

We are pleased to announce TECO has hired SHS Consulting and are looking forward to working with Christine Pacini as our Development Consultant.

The search process included extensive outreach to and interviews with almost a dozen companies and individuals with a range of experience and advice. SHS Consulting is a small firm that specializes in municipal planning policy and housing development. They’ve been around for 15 years and Christine has coordinated the development of more than 40 community housing projects throughout Ontario, as well as helping clients develop women’s shelters, seniors housing, social housing, day care centres and congregate dining and outreach facilities.

What impressed us about SHS is experience. Christine and her team have a long roster of projects under their belt and have demonstrated they can navigate the daunting world of land purchasing, municipal zoning, hiring and managing architects and builders, rules and regulations. We also appreciated her emphasis on cost control which is incredibly important to non-profit clients, and to us. While cohousing is new to Christine, we gave her lots of books to read, and anyway, that’s where we play our role.

Our relationship with SHS Consulting is indeed comprehensive: from preliminary analysis and development of a business plan and budget, to land search and purchase, coordination of approvals, selection and contracting of professional services (e.g. architect, builder), arranging financing and monitoring/controlling budgets, valuation, and closing. If only they could help me pack up and move in 😉 Christine will come to all Business meetings and we will work collaboratively to design and build our wonderful co-housing community!

Don’t forget — you can be part of this exciting development.  See the sidebar for how to get involved!