Oct 25

“Being neighbourly is a requirement”

Check out the great article about cohousing in the Globe & Mail Real Estate section featuring Vancouver’s first cohousing project, which is now under construction. It mentions us too, indicating that “Outside of B.C., there are only 10 co-housing projects in Canada, including the ecoHousing Community that’s getting started in Toronto“.

The article really captures the essence of cohousing which is sure to attract significant interest, for instance it conveys that  cohousing “has grown from the idea that community living is better for the environment, is healthier, and, in the long run, is more affordable” and that the approach is “booming because its part of the emerging sharing economy”.  

It also gets into some of the practicalities of cohousing development which we get asked about a lot: “Unlike the usual process of a developer purchasing the land, developing it and then selling it, a cohousing project is controlled and developed by the cohousers themselves, often from beginning to end.”
We’re inspired…again!