About Canopy

TECO bike ride2.July.2011Canopy Cohousing is a group of people working to create a cohousing community in the west end of downtown Toronto.  We have been meeting as a whole group and in committees since April 2009.  Diversity is one of our core values and it’s evident within our membership.  We’re made up of various ages, shapes, colours, features, partnership preferences, spiritual practices, professions, food choices, and other characteristics that make each of us unique (although we all like bicycles).

Our plan is to build or renovate about 2 dozen units, where each family will have its own home (including kitchen, and everything you would expect in a house).  We will also build a common house with a shared kitchen, dining room, and other facilities.  We plan to share meals on a regular basis.

We expect units will be priced at about market value for Toronto, but will provide annual savings as we plan to make all units energy-efficient.

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Existing Members

When people are interested in Canopy one of the first questions, seems to be ‘Who are you?’ We are Torontonians, not a front for any other organization, religion, or developer. In fact, our non-profit organization is taking the role of developer. We are an eclectic group of individuals:

  • Kris teaches university courses in gender studies and critical thinking. She enjoys music, film, playing hockey and loves her dog Iggy.
  • Jane teaches sustainable urban agriculture and permaculture design from her 24 years of experience, and when she can take time away from mothering two kids, she participates in a book club.
  • Barry has spent over 30 years as an award-winning writer and producer in the film and television business. His most recent movie, Iron Road, starred Peter O’Toole and Sam Neill. Barry has now turned his hand to writing and publishing e-books.
  • Marjorie is a freelance writer (mostly on environmental and energy topics), editor, and author of several celebrated books. She’s also a textile artist when she has time, creating one-of-a-kind garments and wall hangings.
  • Jessica enjoys cooking, hunting for antiques and riding her bike. She grew up in Western Canada and moved to Toronto after spending several years working and living abroad. She is part of the conservation team at an international environmental organization.
  • Lav’s work and passion in international development and biodiversity has enabled her to live and work in Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. This likely explains her kaleidoscope of friends, tastes, and adventures that take her from to old-Motown to 50’s Rock’n Roll, and from tobogganing to board games.